Telegraph Patents up to and circa the Civil War
The Technology of the Civil War

Wheatstone and Cook Electro Magnetic Telegraph-1840
S.F.B. Morse Telegraph Signs-1840
Cornell Telegraph Wire-1845
S.F.B Telegraph-1846
Swan Battery-1847
Johnson Electric Telegraph-1848
Roe Electric Circuit Closer-1848
Livingston, Roggen, Adams Insulating Support for Telegraph Wires-1848
Winegar Telegraph Register-1849
Bain Automatic Telegraph-1849
S.F.B. Morse Telegraph-1849
Livingston, Roggen, Adams Supporter for Telegraph Wire-1849
Thomas Register-1850
Westbrook and Rogers automatic telegraph-1850
Horn Telegraph-1850
Park Electric Telegraph-1850
Bulkley Telegraph Repeater-1850
Goodyear Patent (led to rubber coated wire)-1851
Bulkley Telegraph improvement-1851
Bulkley Telegraph Repeater-1851
Batchelder Insulator-1851
Robbins Insulator-1851
Clark Telegraph Register-1853
Farmer Electric Battery-1853
Clark Self Winding Register-1853
Davis Dial Telegraph-1853
Batchelder & Farmer Register Improvements-1854
Batchelder Wire Insulation-1854
Davis Telegraph Key-1854
White Telegraph Key-1855
Gamewell Static Discharger-1855
Peaslee Repeater-1855
Farmer Telegraphic Repeater-1856
Kirchhof Magnetic (dial) Telegraph-1856
Farmer and Woodman Telegraph Repeater-1857
Dyar Telegraph-1857
Smith Telegraph Repeater-1857
Hayden Electric Circuit Closer-1858
Sever Battery-1858
Parks Receiving Magnet-1858
Barnes Telegraph Relay-1858
Hicks Telegraph Relay-1858
Farmer Duplex Telegraph-1858
Farmer and Batchelder Insulator (Ramshorn)-1858
Kendrick and Arkerson Telegraph Transmitter-1858
Hughes Duplex Telegraph-1859
F.J Bridges submarine telegraph-1859
J.M.Connel Telegraph Cable-1859
S.Hoga Improved Electric Currents-1859
T.C. Avery Electric Battery-1859
L. Bradley Telegraph-1859
E.F. Barnes Atomospheric electrical discharger-1859
M.G Farmer Duplex telegraph-1859
S.K. Zook Mode of telegraphing-1859
G.W. Beardslee Magneto Electric Machine-1859
G.W. Beardslee Magneto Electric Machine-1859
F.O.J. Smith Electric Telegraphing Apparatus -1859
G.Doyle Telegraphic Relay-1860
E.D.Rosnencrantz Telegraph Wire-1860
S.F Van Choate Electric Telegraph-1860
A.G.Holcomb Telegraph-Relay Instrument-1860
J.J. Clark Telegraph Repeater-1860
D.F.S. Ways Lightning Arrester For Telegraph-1860
D.F.Flanery Telegraph Relay Instrument-1860
L.Bradley Electromagnet-1860
A.E Parks Telegraphic Register-1861
T.W.Evans Telegraph Cable-1861
Alfred G. Holcomb Improved Electromagnet-1861
C.H Burd Telegraph Relay Instrument-1861
A. Bain Electro Acoustic Telegraph-1861
S. Brown Jr. Connecting Telegraph Wires-1861
N. Parks Telegraph-1861
J.E. Smith Electromagnetic Telegraph-1861
C.T Chester Alphabetical Telegraph--1862***USED IN PENNISULA CAMPAIGN 1862 BY MYER
G.B. Hicks Telegraph Repeater--1862